Hockey Drill Demonstration



one goal on the normal position the other on the 5m line.

Red team are defending the goal on the angle whilst attacking the goal on the baseline. Focus is on taking advantage of the new free hit rule. The red team take all defensive hits from outside the D and aim to move the ball as quickly as possible. their aim is to score in the main goal.

The blue team take all defense hits from the baseline. there aim is again to have high ball pace and attack as quickly as possible. They attack the goal on the 5m line.


  • high ball pace from both sides.
  • quick movement of the ball off the free hit.
  • movement patterns off the ball- stretching the pitch.


focus is the same as the 4v4 but looking at long corners and movement patterns of that. Defensive hit outs are taken as long corners on the 23m. Attacking team to look at there movement patterns off the long corner and stretching the pitch from those positions.

Rotate the teams to allow all players to experience both scenarios.

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