Red Arrows

category: Tag-Rugby

Players work in groups of 5, with 1 ball per group - starting in a single file. The first player runs out 5m then stops, turns slightly and gives a li...

Score A Try

category: Tag-Rugby

Grids 10m x 10m. 1 Ball per group. Groups of 5 Players take it in turns to be the defender in the middle (4 tackles then change). The attackers take t...

Lesson 2 Layout

category: Tag-Rugby


Lesson 3 Layout

category: Tag-Rugby


Community Drills

Drill 4 Four cone Box Drill

1.Set two Drills up to run simultaneously2 On Whistle Player sprints forward from Blue cone to Green in direction of arrow show blue3. Side shuffle f...

03/12/2014 - Basic Defence

Simple defence.Moving to the first blue ruck from the touchline.They turf & move to the next blue ruck.They then turf & move to the red ruck a...

Drill 4

Four Cone Box Drill :Player begins at start line , on Whistle he/she sprints forward in Direction shown in Green arrow to Blue cone , then Shuffles s...

Touch Rugby S Down Switch

S Down SwitchThis is a switch between the middle M2 and L2. M2, the Link and Wing run the outside holes. The attacking M2 engages dL to pull him/her a...