3D Touch Rugby

category: School

Players can run with the ball and pass in all directions. If a player is touched while in possession of the ball, it is an immediate turnover (ball pu...

Footwork And Handoff 2

category: School

To develop the exercise, get players to transfer the ball away from the pole to enable the hand off.

Defense Into Rucking 2

category: School

To extend the drill, get the taxes to always back pedal and get them to have to go to the cone they weren't just that. This will aid communication in...

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O2 3d rugby

The challenge was straightforward and conventional. Communicate O2's continued sponsorship of the England Rugby Team during the Six Nations and suppor...


Public Drills

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Pass the Ball drillPass the Ball drill and catch the ball drill in oneStart of by asking all the players if they have the correct grip on the ba...

Passing Drills 3Defending Drill

Players get into pairs10 by 10m cones are set up into a square The players start at opposite cones (one player has a ball) they then run to the centre...