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All the Way Across the field

Teams of 4 try and throw the ball across a pitch as quickly as possible, not missing any players out.

The first team to throw the ball 10 ti...

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Developing Dynamic Fielders

Change your players preconceptions and get them excited about fielding with this week's fast paced session - developing catching, hand-eye coordinatio...


Community Drills

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Warm up in each groups. Three GroupsMr Wood - Catching & Throwing Drills (differentiation of each group)Yellow - in pairs working on weight of throw a...

Follow your throw

Depending on size of group split in to little groups of 6 max 8.Find a area and gather in a circle, every group needs a rounders ball.Person with the ...


Rounders is a game played between two teams and the aim of the game is to score the most Rounders.One team bats while the other team fields and bowls....

Activity Two: Game Scenario

Get them into groups of 6, in each team there will be one batter, one bowler, one backstop and 3 fielders. they will take it in turns to rotate around...