Rounders Drill Demonstration


Set Up:

4 players, cones, posts, hoops, rounders balls.

The drill:

The bowler (1) bowls the ball through the hoop. They must bowl from each back corner of the bowling box.

The batter (4) holds the hoop at a variety of heights and angles.

The backstop (2) takes the ball and throws it to the player on first post (3).

The backstop then runs to the 4th post to receive the ball from player 3.

Coaching points

The aim is to develop the fielders throwing skills, getting them to judge their throws and deliver them accurately.

The bowler also needs to judge the pace and height of their delivery to ensure a good ball is bowled.

The drill does not have to take place on a rounders pitch, as long as the distance is correct between the bowling box and batting square.

Bowler to judge the pace and height of each delivery to make it through the hoop.

Back stop in the correct stance, hands and fingers pointing upwards.

Throws from the backstop and player 3 are to be accurate and well judged.

Backstop to be in position at post 4 to receive the throw from player 3 on post 1.

The bowler bowls 6 balls then the players rotatei.e 1 - 4, 4 - 2, 2 - 3, and 3 - 1.

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