Shuttle Dribble

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Shuttle dribble Skill Circuit Player runs up and down from cone to cone. It's important to keep facing the cones throughout.

V-Drag: Introduction

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey V-Drag: Introduction Video Techniques - An introduction into the V-Drag - The ball is moved in a 'v' shape motion, from the left foot to the r...

Speed Work

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Speed Work Skill Circuit Player runs up and down slalom. Players should look ahead of ... Shuttle dribble Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Shu...

Crossing Test

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Crossing test Skill Circuit The player starts with a ball from the left cone, runs to the second cone and hits the ball on the move towards th...

Web Videos

Field hockey - speed work drills

Insight clip into speed work for hockey. #speed #strength Inside the D Hockey - Get the inside on Field Hockey Skills,Speed,Strength,Coaching, Mindset...


Community Drills

Shuttle Runs

Cones at 10m, 20m and 30m from sidelines. Run to first cone and back, second cone and back, third cone and back, and then sprint to the end. Walk back...

Pass and Move Shuttle Run

Blue Feeder passes the ball to the attacker at the cone. Attacker returns the ball to the blue feeder, as this pass is released, the Red Feeder passes...

Warm Up

Start with a jog around the pitch and then have players start on the sideline do walk jog run to the cones and then back 3 times (there and back is 1)...