category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Hockey Shooting Shooting & Goalscoring Development: Player 1 feeds from different positions around the circle. ... Players should prescan. Although t...

First Touch

category: Passing-Receiving

Hockey First Touch Passing & Receiving - Picking the ball up on the move - Receiving the ball on the strongside - Changing direction from original po...

Name Your Pass

category: Possession

Hockey Name your Pass Possession Players have to name their pass before they give the ball. To encourage ... Players will have to prescan in order to...

Continual Receiving The Ball From Behind

category: Passing-Receiving

In pairs passing the ball to each other the receiver starts running away for the player with the ball to follow and pass the ball in stride to the ...

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Community Drills

Porteries de colors

-Dos equips: 3vs3 o 4vs4 (si hi ha un comodí, va amb qui té la pilota)-Partits de 3 minuts o fins que un equip marqui a totes les porteriesNormes:Si e...