Aerial Ball

category: Passing-Receiving

Hockey Aerial Ball Passing & Receiving Aerial pass or flick is useful when passing over distance or to try and get the ball over an opponent who is b...

1 Hand Reverse Stick Hit

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey 1 Hand Reverse stick hit Video Techniques Players can use this technique when passing or shooting at goal. Hold the stick with your palms faci...

Name Your Pass

category: Possession

Hockey Name your Pass Possession Players have to name their pass before they give the ball. To encourage vision, introduce 2 balls.

Receiving The Aerial As A Forward

category: Session-Videos

- Receiving the aerial ball whilst moving forward

- Player is running towards opposition goal whilst receiving an overhead

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Community Drills

Overhead into 3 v 2 (on both sides)

Overhead into space in front of attacker who receives on the move then it becomes a 3 v 2.Can be completed on both sides of the ground at once.


Possibly the lamest drill, but player passes to 2nd player who flicks to last player, who does an overhead into goalmake sure players perform the dril...