4 Vs 4 Possession

category: Possession

Hockey 4 vs 4 Possession Possession Play keep ball. Teams need to keep possession for as long as possible or up to a set number of passes (first to 1...

Netball Rules - 1V1 Progression (No Grids)

category: Conditioned-Games

Hockey Netball rules - 1v1 Progression (No Grids) Conditioned Games Have 2 equal teams and 2 goals in a 23 m area. Players play a 7v7 game with theƂ ...

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In three groups the girls will play 6v6 (7v7 with the keeper).

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Play a regulr 7v7 - can play through the coned area.Stipulation: If a team gaines possesion in the middle of the field - they must go back around the ...