Drill Categories


Dive Shot Technique - Forward

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Make a movement forward with your trunk bent forward. 1. Take off with one or two feet. Bend forward with ankle, knee and hip, trunk bent forward, eye...

Back And Forth 2

category: 560-complex-shooting-exercises

Same as in Back and Forth 1 player 1 starts the drill from the right wing and passes to player 2. Player 2 then passes to player 3 who passes to playe...

563 Shooting Pivot

category: 563-shooting-pivot

Pass B1-B2-B11st : passes on on the left2nd : passes on on the right3rd : throw at the goal with jump shot

Wing Shooting - Receive And Shoot

category: 562-shooting-wing-player

Each blue player has two balls and are stood in a line outside the free throw line. An attacking player is stood high up the wing, close to the baseli...

Far Jump Shot

category: 318-jump-shot-far

Players stand in line and take it in turns to pass to the feeder (blue 1) and then run forwards to move onto the return pass. Players should look to c...

Web Videos

Salming handball feint - shot feint

The goal for the shooter is to leave the defender passive and rooted on the spot. If he succeeds, he has a better chance of launching the shot above t...