Around And Back - Interception Pressure

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting-dummy

Handball Around and back - Interception pressure 321 pass/shot feinting(dummy) Ball starts with player 1 who feeds the ball into player 3. The attack...

Triple Intercept

category: 325-defence-when-attackers-catch-the-ball-shoot-pass

Handball Triple intercept 325 defence when attackers catch the ball/shoot/pass Blue players must try and switch the ball from one side of the court t...

Interceptions - Contact And Tackling

category: 325-defence-when-attackers-catch-the-ball-shoot-pass

Handball Interceptions - Contact and tackling 325 defence when attackers catch the ball/shoot/pass Players work in groups of 6. Blue 1 and 2, and blu...

Intercept And Collect Game

category: 115-ballskill-activities

Handball Intercept and collect game 115 ballskill activities Three teams of three, only two teams have a ball though - these two teams are the blues ...

Web Videos

Handball steals 2

Out of good defense, very often defensive player intercepts passing and steals the ball. That gives his team a lot room for a fast break and easy scor...


Defending the Pivot

Put pressure on the opposition's pivot player with this interception skills session - teach your defence to run out, cut out the pass and get back in ...

Defending Like The Spaniards

Defending has grown into an art. Get your defence structured, ordered and ready for anything an attack has in their armoury.