Drill Categories


Dish Shape To Tuck

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Shape to Tuck Key 1 Body Conditioning Starting in a long sit lie back to form a Dish Shape. Raise the knees to the chest and clasp wi...

Tuck Sit & Tuck Rock

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Tuck Sit & Tuck Rock Key 1 Body Conditioning from long sit pull heels to bum & chest to knees grasp shins and squeeze pull backwards and r...

Tuck Rock

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Tuck Rock Key 1 Body Conditioning From long sit position move to sitting tuck, and rock back on to shoulders. Rock back to sitting tuck, a...

180 Roll To Tuck On Back

category: Key-2-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics 180 Roll to Tuck on Back Key 2 Body Conditioning Starting in the front prone position roll on to the back and slowly tuck.

Spring To Tuck (Vaulting Progression)

category: Key-3-Through-Vault

Gymnastics Spring to Tuck (Vaulting Progression) Key 3 Through Vault From a standing position spring forward to take weight on extended arms. Ensure ...

Long Sit To Tuck Rock

category: Key-2-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Long Sit to Tuck Rock Key 2 Body Conditioning From the long sit position lift the knees to the chest and grasp with hands. Rock back on to...

Linking Dish Shape Through Tuck To 180 Twist

category: Key-2-Body-Condition-Linkage

Gymnastics Linking Dish Shape through Tuck to 180 Twist Key 2 Body Condition Linkage Starting in the long sit move into the Dish Shape. Move the knee...

High Tuck Rock Backward Roll Progression

category: Key-2-content-Backwards-Roll

Gymnastics High Tuck Rock Backward Roll progression Key 2 content Backwards Roll Starting in a long sit position tuck rock to shoulders and rock for...

Backward Roll Tuck

category: Key-3-Backwards-roll

Gymnastics Backward Roll Tuck Key 3 Backwards roll Starting in an extended position sit and rock back. Place hands on mat, close to the ears, with fi...

Lift Into Tuck Position

category: Key-5-Partner-Lifting

Gymnastics Lift into tuck position Key 5 Partner Lifting Starting situation. A face away from B. B face on to the back of A and close to A. Grip. B g...

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Community Drills

Warm up on trampoline bed

10 straight bounces (Tof - time of flight) 5 tuck jumps, 5 pike jumps, 5 straddle jumps 5 seat landing full twists Time their straight bounces - reco...

front tuck

Tuck happens in small boxstraight entry line, quick tuck, straight exit lineup up, pull tuck, open out land

Skill - Front landing

Front landing position on matHands and knees bounces (x5)Hands and knees to front landingHands and knees to front landing to hands and kneesHands and ...