Drill Categories


Arabesque Balance

category: Key-2-Calm-Down

Start from upright standing. Arms stretched wide through to fingertips. Standing on the left leg lift from the back of the neck, keeping back tense as...

Back Supports.

category: Key-3-Body-conditioning

  • Move from Long Sit to Back Support to Back Straddle Support to Table Support.

  • Back To Back - Lift Into Counter Tension

    category: Key-5-7-Counter-Tension

    p>Counter Tension.(static)

    The two gymnasts may lean towards and onto each other whilst remaining in contact with each other. A state of e...

    Backward Roll To Fish Flop.

    category: Key-5-4-Catching

    Starting situation.

    A backwards onto the side of B, with B offset from

    Back to side. the line of travel. ...

    Body Conditioning Linkage Task

    category: Key-3-Body-Conditioning-Linkage

    Link a selection of conditioning ideas in any order - 2,3,6,8,10,12 then 5,7,9,11,13,4

    • Start from, and end in, a chosen position...

    Web Videos

    Primary gymnastics - kingsbury ssp

    This is a small sample of the new Primary Gymnastics Teacher resource, designed by Kingsbury School Sports Partnership. The resource includes a DVD, ....


    Community Drills

    Level 1 Tumbling Skills

    Rock and Roll Stand UpForward Roll Down InclineForward Roll Step Out Down InclineForward Straddle Roll Down InclineForward Pike Roll Down InclineForwa...


    For conditioning, since we are only in the Gym for two days a week, I am following a whole-body approach every day. We try to do at least 10 different...