Running To Jump Off A Platform

category: Key-2-content-Apparatus

Running to jump off one foot to land on the platform with two feet.Tall shape jump to flex knee landing and jog.

Running Pike With Half Twist

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Pike

Short four meter run to jump off two feet.Form pike shape during flight Bring right arm under left arm to aid rotation and half-twist.Flex knees and h...

Running Front Leg Leap

category: Key-2-content-Walking-Stepping-Leaping

Jogging with the arms held wide for balance leapwith a right leg lead.Land on the right leg and continue jogging.

Running Jump To Full Twist

category: Key-4-content-trampette-Twist-1-2-Full

Useing a short run hurdle step to floor and jump off two feet.Use arms to gain heightMove head and eyes to the left keeping them level.Twist 360º to ...

Hurdle Step

category: Key-2-Content-Hurdle-Step

Off a short three step run hop from one foot to land on two.

Hurdle Step To Jump From Spring Board

category: Key-3-Hurdle-Step

Place two markers on the run up approxmatly one meter apart followed by spring board.Gymnast approaches, at speed, off three pace run up.Gymnast place...

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Public Drills

Athletics running drill L1

Organise children into pairs and ask them to stand in a line between two cones set out at one end of he area you are working in.Explain to the childre...