Drills: Left arm bowling

Throw and catch up and down Cricket
Throw and catch up and dow
Create a mini-pitch for every two players. In the picture the
Target throwing Cricket
Target throwing
Working in pairs with one ball per pair players throw the bal
Driving Game Cricket
Driving Game
With between 5-8 players on each team. Each batsmen must dri
Two handed pick-up, throw and under arm flick Cricket
Two handed pick-up, throw
Wicket keeper rolls the ball out straight. (1) throws it to
Ground fielding drill Cricket
Ground fielding drill
Two teams who pass the ball to their team mates via an overar
Short catching / Underarm throwing Cricket
Short catching / Underarm
Fielder behind the stumps rolls the ball out, player 2 picks up the ba
Short catching relay Cricket
Short catching relay
1) rolls ball out a short distance. 2) runs in, underarm flicks to 1)
Front foot defence - leaving the ball Cricket
Front foot defence - leavi
The coach throws on one knee with a football style throw in,