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If the ball is pitched on the stumps - but short of a good length - it needs to be played safely.

Going forward to a delivery like this is dangerous and you will also increase the chance of getting out.

Going back on your crease and meeting the ball at the top of its bounce will help you to be in full control of the shot.

Also, try to meet the ball with soft hands.

This means relaxing your hands on the bat handle, which helps to take the pace off the ball and reduces the chances of getting caught near the wicket.

Coaching points

The back foot should move back towards the stumps, but stay inside the line of the ball. The weight should be on the ball of the back foot, but the head should remain forward.

Move the front foot towards the back leg, but remain side-on to the bowler. E BO

Swing the bat down, keeping the front elbow in a high position and with the full face of the bat directed straight down the wicket. The bat, angled slightly towards the ground, should make contact with the ball directly beneath the eyes.

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