Figure 8

category: Advanced-Ball-Handling

Stand with your knees about shoulder-width apart and bend over slightly. With the ball in your right hand, pass it between your legs in a figure eight...

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1 swings to 2 and then cuts opposite side down the lane. 2 looks for the 1 cutting then looks to the post 5. Of the post is not open, the ...

Swing Guard/Wing Drill

Red player sets back pick for wing playerWing sets up his defender and comes off screen, receives feed and attacks basket

Screen Swing

Player B sets a screen for Player A. Once the screen is in place, Player D and E switch positions. Player C swings to B's former position. Player A dr...

Dribble, Pass, Pivot - Partner

Players pair off one defensive one attacker. The attacker start with the ball on the baseline, with the defender standing in front in a defensive guar...