Compass Shuttle Passing

category: Defense

Basketball Compass Shuttle Passing Defense Set out the cones as shown in the diagram. One player starts with a ball with two other players starting i...

Pass Then Pressure

category: Defense

Basketball Pass then Pressure Defense Split players into groups of 3. One player has a ball and ... Compass Shuttle Passing Drill Thumbnail View this...

Full Court Shadowing

category: Defense

Basketball Full court shadowing Defense One player has a ball and their partner faces them. The person ... Compass Shuttle Passing Drill Thumbnail Vi...

Zig Zag Drill

category: Defense

Basketball Zig Zag Drill Defense Set out cones to split the court in half, with your players working in pairs. The player ... Compass Shuttle Passing...

Defensive Slide

category: Defense

Basketball Defensive slide Defense Away from the wall the players stand in 2 lines staggered so coach/teacher can ... Compass Shuttle Passing Drill ...


category: Fitness

Basketball Shuttles Fitness Run shuttles between the half court line and the baseline; Speed of running depends on level of work required and time in...

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