Double Screen

category: Screening

This type of screen will be used to get a player open for a shot. The screeners will stand side by side which makes it a wider screen so it is harder ...

Flare Screen

category: Screening

The flare screen is set on the side of a defensive player. The player receiving the screen will cut out towards the sideline away from the ball.

Cross Screen

category: Screening

The attacker starts on the sideline of the court, with the defender facing away from the ball. The attacker then feints goal wards then comes back acr...

Setting A Screen

category: Screening

Player 1 with the ball. Player 2 sets the screen at either side of the defender. When the screen is set player 1 fakes to the opposite side then cros...

Web Videos

Basketball offense double pick

This is a basketball offense called Double Pick. The good thing about this play is the fact that it can feature any player you want. Just choose which...