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Control and Consistency on the Court Session Thumbnail
Control and Consistency on the Court

In this session we look at building consistency and control into rallies. We look at each skill you might use at different points throughout the rally and work on getting the basic technique of these skills perfect.

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  • Bar is set on the deuce side.
  • Player serves from the deuce side.
  • Player tries to make the ball bounce over the the set bar.

Coaching points

  • In this drill player works on pace control and serve’s depth.
  • Bar is set to give player a constant feedback related to his delivery.
  • The goal is to make the ball bounce over the bar so only by tossing well and controlling pace of the ball players are able to make successful attempts.
  • For more advanced serves coach can give number of good serves to achieve or try to make player hit 2 good serves in a row.

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