Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Player starts the drill by hitting easy high ball to coach.
  • Coach hits offensive smash to the deuce side.
  • Player tries to hit forehand topspin lob down the line.

Coaching points

In this drill player works on effective response to opponent's overhead. When facing this situation many players count on defensive response and try to hit lob using slice shot. This skill can be helpful but it is not the only one that defensive player can use to win the point. Offensive topspin lob creates opportunity to win the point or to really test opponent's ability to smash from difficult ball. To make this shot successfully coach should remind players of technical adaptations like low and wide stance, shorter backswing and focus on spin. During this exercise coach can focus fully on repetitions or can compete with player by counting how many shots land in the proper zone.

Drill tags: control, lob, movement, tennis, topspin

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