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Creating opportunities

Create opportunities with this session, helping your players to develop their tactics and use planned strategies to beat the opposition

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The coach feeds the ball to the backhand side. The player hits deep backhand cross-court and the coach feeds the next ball to the forehand side. The player hits angle forehand cross-court.

Coaching points

Top players have automatic habits developed during hours on the practice court. During the match there is no time to think too much while playing points so the more automatic decisions the higher quality of execution. Players at all levels can achieve high level of repetitious actions but they have to be adjusted to their current level of play. If the pattern is too difficult, players will give up on it and won't use it when it counts.

In this drill, the player works on simple tactical pattern based on cross-court shots. Cross-court is easier to execute and implement into own game than down the line so when starting with building habits players should focus on the easier option. Being able to hit deep and angle cross-courts is a big advantage for any player so all levels of play will get benefits while applying this automatic habit into own game. The purpose of a deep cross-court is to put the opponent on the run and also put him back behind the baseline. The angle shot is the deciding one which executed properly will open the full court and put the opponent in a position where spectacular winner is the only option to win the point.

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