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Create opportunities with this session, helping your players to develop their tactics and use planned strategies to beat the opposition

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The coach rallies with the player. The player has a task to play given pattern consistently. the player's job is to hit 2 forehands cross court + 1 forehand down the line and 2 backhands cross-court + 1 backhand down the line.

Coaching points

There is no way to achieve success in tennis without consistency. Players who are consistent win at entry level as well as during Grand Slams. Players should look for ability to keep the ball in play but as soon as they reach this level they have to adjust and try to add more pace to their shots. Desired level is called offensive consistency where players don't make mistakes but at the same time force their opponents to give easier balls or to make mistakes.

In this drill, the player works on patterns that force opponent to move around the court. 2 cross-court shots are great to set up scenario for a change of direction so players should vary power, depth and placement to get the most of diagonal of the court. After they do it the next step is to hit down the line. Here comes the coach who has to tell players that down the line stroke can have different goals. A lot of students think of a down the line shot as an "one and only" so they take a lot of power and risk and try to go for the winner. This option is just one of many so players have to understand that changing direction, putting opponent on the run or being consistent are others options that have to be considered.

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