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Players play the point out from the hand with each end of the court taking it in turns to feed the first ball in.

If the player wins the point they stay on to play the next one with a maximum of 3 points in a row being played before switching with their partner.

As soon as the point is complete the next ball can be fed in without having to wait for the opposing players to be ready. The drill should be non-stop, and the players are playing as a team with their points counting together. Players can play first to 11 points in this way.

Coaching points

Waiting players must be ready with the next ball to be fed in immediately. They must watch the point in play ready to jump into action as soon as it has finished.

Feeds can be made from anywhere but players must feed from more or less the middle of the court.

This drill can get a bit crazy and intense with balls being fed in so quickly, players should be encouraged to concentrate well in the points and whilst they are resting.

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