Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 2 
  • Tackle Bags 
  • Cones

1. Warm up light contact

Players line up opposite eachother and run to meet each other in the middle. When the coach says so, the coach will leave it late to hold an arm out for the attackers to step too. The Defenders will make a late decision to tackle on either left or right shoulder. 

2. Progress to adding bags & defenders turning.

This minimalises the time for defenders to make decision and increaces the intensity. 

3. Progress on to full live tackle. 

Increace the intensity and make sure the players back track back to starting point before starting next set. 

Coaching points

  • Line speed - Defenders get off line and meet attacker. 
  • Fast Feet when apprahcing contact 
  • Cheek to Cheek - Low body position 
  • Sink from hips do not bend over - Tower of power.  
  • Arms in tight to generate power - Boxer stance. 
  • Ring of Steel - Tight grip around player. 
  • Bounce back to feet - Reload drill. 

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