Basketball Drill Demonstration


This drill works on pass and cut, high post catch and shoot, and defensive closeouts.

This Drill helps your players catch and shoot at game speed, under defensive pressure. it also works on the defense closeing out  defending the shot.

The slot passes to the high post and cuts to recieve pass back for a jumpshot. 

At the sametime the defender on the on the baseline sprints to close out on the slot.

As soon as the high post passes to the slot he/she pivots to receive a pass from the defender on the baseline to catch and shoot. The passer sprints in a closeout after pass.







Coaching points


 Catch, dip and shoot


Sprint to closeout wiith hands up

Emphasize to the players to operate at game speed, and go hard in order to make the team better.





Created by Christopher, Basketball Coach, United States of America

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