Basketball Drill Demonstration


Students will line up against the wall. They will be given instructions while they are lined up inside the gym.


The gym will have 5 liines with a cone at each one giving them the execise they will be doing at that line. The students will be going to each "station" or line together to leave no man behind.

The students will be working together as a team. They will lock arms and will take a step up together to the first line. The person at the front of the line will pick up the medicine ball and begin to pass it down the line until the last person gets it. When the last person has the ball they will pass it back to the front. Once the ball is back to the starting point the team will get down to do 10 push ups. They will not be able to move up to the next line until they have all done the push ups.

The next 4 lines will be similar except for the excerise that they will be doing. 

line 1- 10 push ups

line 2- 10 jumpings jacks

line 3- 10 squats

line 4- run in place

line 5- wall squats

Created by Yvonne, Basketball Teacher, United States of America

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