Basketball Drill Demonstration


firstly i will start with a simple warm up which will include 1 minute of suicide sprints which is then folllowed by some hamstring, calf, quad and arm/wrist stretches.  i will then start my first drill which is gathering everyone in a big circle in the centre of the pitch. we will start by doing some simple bouncing skills with the ball in your good hand, we will then switch to your bad hand and then passing the ball to your left and right hand. we will then finish my first drill by lying down and flicking the ball upwards making sure we are using the correct techniques of the wrist. 

once weve done some of the ball drills in a circle, i will then set up a line of cones and drill the ball in and out of the cones on your good and bad hand

moving on to my second drill which involves shooting. the players will stand on the D in a semi circle in different areas/angles and then shoot and try to score.

once the players have mastered shooting at different angles, they will move onto my next drill which is called close out box. this drill involves high pressure when the player is about to shoot. This will prepare them for a game situation.

this type of practise is isolated and conditioned.

health & safety- Make sure that all long hair is tied up and out of the players face. 

Also make sure the athletes are wearing the correct footwear and kit.

Make sure that the area is safe with no  hazards 


Coaching points

1. accuracy of passing and shooting 

2. handling the ball with control

3. make sure one hand is on the side of the ball and the other is behind the ball for accuracy and power.

4. make sure youre use the flick of the wrist

Created by maddie, Basketball Coach, England

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