Basketball Drill Demonstration


- Players line up as shown.1 has a basketball. We will add a 2nd ball once the players get the hang of the drill. 10 players are shown here.

- 1 passes to 2 and begins to cut hard to the rim. 2 immediately passes to 3. 3 makes a short pass to 1 for the layup

- After making the pass to 3, 2 goes to rebound the layup by 1

- After passing to 1, 3 cuts hard across the floor and goes to the end of line 2

- After the layup, 1 goes to the back of line 3

- 2 rebounds the ball and makes an outlet pass to 4. 2 sprints to the back of line 4.

- 4 makes a pass to 5 and goes to back of line 5

- 5 passes to one and goes to back of line 1.

Drill then repeats itself

Created by Cathryn, Basketball Coach, England

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