Basketball Drill Demonstration


Similar to drill one and two except a defender will be added in to add pressure to the attacker. Will involve having four cones set out and the attacker will be running against the defender to run around a cone in the middle of the court and run back and score a Layup. 

Coaching points

  • Remember to leap off your inside foot
  • Keep the ball below your waist when you are dribbling the ball and keep the ball low when attempting the layup
  • Keep your head up to look for space on the court
  • Extend arm fully towards the corner of the square on the backboard
  • Launch yourself off your forward leg and thrust your arms upwards to gain more height
  • Bend knees for an extra spring to keep defenders away
  • At the peak of your jump release the ball towards the corner of the backboard square

Created by Michael, Basketball Coach, England

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