Basketball Drill Demonstration


You score a 3pt. shot then a 2pt shot outside the key and a 1pt lay up including a defender, passes and rebounds.

Defender taps attacker's hand to signal the start of the drill. The Attacker shoots a 3pointer while the defender runs to the end line then gets the rebound while the attacker sprints to the left short corner getting ready for a pass from the defender after the rebound. After the pass, the defender then follows the ball and try to block the attackers 2pt. shot. If blocked the defender then steals the ball and turn into the attacker and speed dribble to the right short corner and perform a 1pt. lay up shot. If the defender fails to block the attackers 2pt. shot, the attacker would then get the rebound while the defender sprints to the right short corner getting ready for a pass from the attacker. When the defender catches the pass he/she then performs a 1pt. lay up. Repeat process however the defender stays and becomes the attacker.

Coaching points


1) Feet are shoulder width apart and are pointing towards the basket.

2) Make sure you have good balance and control of the ball.

3) Your fingers are spread out when holding the ball.

4) Looking towards the basket.

5) Back is straight and elbow is in a high position.

6) Bend your knees to increase power and motion of the shot.

7) Flick your wrist when you shoot then follow through.



1) Face opponent and make eye contact.

2) Make sure hands are up and ready to react to a pass or screen.

3) When blocking a shot, make sure you react at the correct time.



1) Hands are ready to catch the ball.

2) Jump to the ball

3) Land with both feet on the ground, gripping the ball tightly.



1) Communicate with the person your passing to.

2) Hips are facing towards the target.

3) Person receiving the past should have their hands where they want the ball received.

4) After the pass point your fingers in the direction of the pass.




Created by Ameera, Basketball Player, England

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