Basketball Community Shooting Techniques Drills

Developing your players' shooting technique will increase their consistency and ensure they have the best chance of scoring with each shot, even when under game pressure.

The shooting techniques videos and drills will ensure your players have the the correct arm positioning, rhythm and leg position when performing the lay up, one handed, free throw and jump shots ? the help them put away goals with confidence.

Top 5 Basketball shooting tips.

  1. Solid stance- feet should be shoulder width apart when static shooting
  2. Preparing to shoot - put the ball in your "shot pocket" (the shooting side of your torso a few inches above the waist)
  3. Perfect arm positioning - the elbow of the shooting arm should be around 90 degrees, the wrist is cocked back underneath the ball and the fingers perpendicular to the ball's seams.
  4. Smooth push - using your shooting hand move the ball from your shot pocket to eye level. Note the non shooting hand should only be used as a guide to stabilise the ball.
  5. Let it go - release the ball just before you reach the peak height of your jump