Basketball Drill Demonstration


Purpose: It is to improve on

  1. Ball Handling skills
  2. Hand eye coordination
  3. ability to see the entire floor (keeping the head up)


  1. Place 3 cones in a row with 1.5 meters of space between each cone. Do about 10-14 sets of 3 cones depending on the size of the group.
  2. Have players partner up and have one player stand on the sideline and the other stand by the cone closest to their partner.
  3. Each group has 1 tennis ball and 1 basketball, player on the sideline has the tennis ball and the other player has the basketball.
  4. Player with the basketball starts by bouncing the ball in one spot and catches the tennis ball while keeping their head up.
  5. After receiving the pass, they pass the tennis ball back to their partner and repeat the cycle till the coach moves onto the next progression


always make sure you maintain a low body position

Created by Victoria, Basketball Coach, Canada

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