Drills: Warm up games

Numbers Game Netball
Numbers Game
Two teams of up to 15 players. All players
Run v pass game Netball
Run v pass game
two equal teams team on the outside have t
christmas tree warm up Netball
christmas tree warm up
Jog on diagonal, side-step towards the outside 2 lines starting either
Christmas tree warm-up Netball
Christmas tree warm-up
Players stand at opposite ends of the tree in two lines. One
Rats and Rabbits Netball
Rats and Rabbits
Blues are the rats. Whites are the rabbits. p>
Dribble up and down Netball
Dribble up and down
Every player has 1 ball and runs bouncing the ball up and dow
Here, There and Everywhere Netball
Here, There and Everywhere
This warm up should get players thinking about their footwork
Fast hands cross-over Netball
Fast hands cross-over
Two lines stand about 5 meters apart with another two lines s
Train Run Netball
Train Run
Players line up in single file. The front player runs in any
Here, There and Everywhere Netball
Here, There and Everywhere
Whole group face the teacher who then calls one of the follow
Intercepting the pass Netball
Intercepting the pass
Using a limited area of the court. i.e. a tennis service cour
Wall Bounce Netball
Wall Bounce
Facing the wall, at shoulder height players pass the ball con
Ball Release Tag Netball
Ball Release Tag
Designated players (catchers) attempt to tag other players.&l
Find Your Position Netball
Find Your Position
The group is divided into two teams, with each being told whi
Cone Twist Netball
Cone Twist
Split your players into two teams and place 20 cones in the c
Reactions Netball
4 players, 2 balls. The Player in the mid
Position Learning Netball
Position Learning
Players jog, hop or skip etc. round the outside of the court. When tea
Rotating and turning Pass Netball
Rotating and turning Pass
Blue player 1 throws to Blue player 3 who runs forwards to me
Side to Side Pass Netball
Side to Side Pass
White player 1 receives ball from Blue player 1 at shoulder h
Cone Twist Netball
Cone Twist
20 cones are placed in the centre third (1/2 upside-down). Team A'