Rugby Drill Demonstration


Based on a popular Rugby League drill, This exercise is great for buiding stamina, endurance and also explosive power to get off the gain line.

  • Players start on half way line (try and work in groups of 4) on their stomachs.
  • Get up and sprint to the 10M line
  • Perform an up-down move
  • Sprint to the far 10M line
  • Perform an up-down move
  • Sprint back to half way and get down on stomachs.

That counts as 1 Malcolm.

Players must complete sets of x6 repetitions.

Coaching points

  • Ensure players get all the way down flat when performing the up-down movements.
  • As the sets start to come to a close, players will naturally start to feel fatigued, keep them motivated and working hard by encouragement (give them a set time to beat or race an opposing team).

Players should aim for a target of 15 Seconds to complete the Malcolm with a 10 Second recovery before going again.

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