Rugby Drill Demonstration



  • We do not play in this zone,
  • Exit Strategy, Box Kick (SKY) or 10 kicks (CITY).
  • Kick Off's: 1 Leed then exit. Box Kick is called by 10. Come up as a wall, talk to each other.


  • 1 3 3 1 pod system in place, Call from 10 is indicated to forwards and 9 where we will we attack. what area, 1, 2, 3, 4*, from left to right always.
  • 5 man line outs, Everything is off the top unless a truck is called(this will be a drive)(9 should communicate with the backs, open hand we are off the top closed hand drive).
  • Flow rugby, get into pods (1 3 3 1). 10 might do a release or hit the forwards.

From 22 to TRY line

  • 1 3 3 1 system is NO longer in play, we play with forwards unless the 10 says clear (clear is the call that comes from the 10 when he wants the ball).

  • Composure needed. No silly penalties, no fast penalties. Understand we dictate the style and speed of the play.

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