Rugby Drill Demonstration


SKILL FOCUS:   Core & upper body strength, teamwork and kicking coordination.

EQUIPMENT: Rugby ball, cone markers.


  • Set a square grid of 15m x 15m with cone markers.
  • Divide the class into teams where only 5 learners per team will start.
  • The game starts where both teams are at the end zone.
  • The rugby ball is in the middle of the play area.
  • On the word go, both teams start by crab walk to the ball.
  • The need to try to kick the ball to each other trying to score a point by kicking it to the other team’s end zone.
  • Learners that’s not part of the starting team can be tagged in.
  • If a team members butt touches the grass they need to switch with a member outside the end zone.


Coaching points

Make sure the learners don't touch their butt on the grass. 

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