Rugby Drill Demonstration


Standard Kick off set up covering all eventualities. Working in pods of Three

5/1/11, 2/7/13, 4/3/14, 10/8/9, 12/6/15




Coaching points

Ball caught in Zone 1

Ideally we want the nearest back to be catching the ball then then offloading to the forward in the pod to take the ball into contact with the third player in the pod over the ball to secure. Forwards to stay connected in their pods of Two and get in position for second phase carry if required

Ball Caught in Zone 2

Expect nearest back to catch the ball, Ideally they should then start to run with the ball to gain gound withthe other two in their pod being close to offer offload option or secure the breakdown if tackled. next pod of tw forwards should be set inside 9-10 channel ready to carry the phase, 10 organising backs into line for backs carry or clearing kick


Standard Kick Off (Green)Rugby Drills Coaching

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