Rugby Drill Demonstration


This was my idea of the first three phases. This is from a line out but equally as easy from a scrum. Rather than the forwards following the ball, once they have hit and cleared their ruck, they drop back into the pocket and ideally we have a back sat behind them.

After we have gone three phases we should have two pods of forwards with a back sat behind that we can then use to work up the field.

This should mean that the 10 has options to either hit the forwards on a short ball, or use them as a holding run to hit the back behind if we have created the space and wish to attack it.

This will preserve our width and also our fitness which means that a pod of forwards should only get the ball every other phase with gives them time to recover so they can then attack the space with pace and footwork when they next get the ball.

First three phases and structureRugby Drills Coaching

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