Rugby Drill Demonstration


Based on Jonny Sexton attack for Ireland and Lienster.

1) 10 gives simple early pass to flat 12

2) 10 then loops and give load call to attract defenders

3) 11 delays run until ten has crossed behind 12

4) 11 takes inside ball from 12

Coaching points

1) Early pass and 10 making sure still looks like getting return ball essential 

2) Outside back even though ball not coming have to look like they are getting it to try to get defenders eys looking out wide

3) 11 needs to delay run but look for break in link between backs and forwards as hopefully oppostion ten has been attacked by movement of attacking ten creating gap


Needs to used as part of game plan, calling early to get defence weary of inside balls narrow play helping to hold drift for later call moves attacking wide

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