Rugby Drill Demonstration


Team A - Red

Team B - Yellow



- Open Play 

- No specific Role, player can move anywhere in playing area but not in scoring area

- Any player with ball are not allowed to take step

-Player need to pass the ball to one another towards scoring area without getting touch from defender

- 6 touches from defender, ball opession will be turn over to opponent

- At scoring area, only one person from  team A is allowed to be in there to received a ball and make a touchdown.



- Avoid attacking team from pasing the ball to scoring area by make a 6 touches to attacking team

- touch can be done from shoulder below) non aggressice

- Defender are not allowed to be inside scoring area of attacking team


Coaching points

- Checking up passing

- Allowed to pass forward

- Chceking on touch and touchdown

- Player communication skill 

- Team strategies

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