Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up 2 channels to the left and right of a passer (yourself, a halfback or 2 halfback/ as you like). Split your players in four lines in front of your channels, quiet deep about 10m so they start slowly with skipping for about 5m and the accellarate onto a flat pass which they should just be able to catch when they actively reach(towards the passer) for it. Make sure the receiver tries to grab the ball as early as possible.


Let the first reciever pass, while he keeps running straight and the follow the ball.

The second reciever should time his run, so he catches the ball like the first receiver flat and in front of him in turn towards the passer.

Coaching points

First reciever

Head up and hands in front of the body

Arms slightly bend, hands open, fingers spread not over stretched 

Accellerate onto the pass 

Eyes on the ball, body turning towards passer...running straight

Communication: eye contact, show target, call for the ball

Actively reach towards the ball when catching it

Pass as flat as possible while running straight

Turn the upper body towards reciever

Let your foot close to receiver follow through straight and the turn to follow the ball

Second Receiver

see first receiver

Time the run to be accellarating onto the pass

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