Rugby Drill Demonstration


The first player from each team will set off and do the short shuttle crossover using the cones in front of them. Picking up the ball at the end running forwards and go round the pole keeping their back is towards their team. Heading backwards to them. The next team member has to time when to set off doing the short suttle crossover and meeting their team mate who will ten do a pop pass either to their left or right (player receving the ball needs to make the call) for them to then carry on around the pole,then back to meet the next team mate.


To incress the intencity the player that is going aound the pole has to pass the ball to the palyer opisit to themb fore heading backwards to meet their team mate.

The concerqunes is if any player arrives to early or late, keeping a player standing holding the ball, that person has to run around the whole outside of all the teams before joining the back of their team. 


Questions to ask


What do you think the point of this exerise was?


What part did you find diffacult and how could you improve this?



Coaching points

  • Dual purpose to improve foot speed and fitness
  • Strengthen core muscles   - Help to build muscles in your lower back and legs
  • Timing - Supporting the player with the ball
  • pass and suoport- thinking ahead to were you need to put yourself
  • pop passing- working quickly but having to use a gentel motion, for position passing
  • footwork 


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