Rugby Drill Demonstration


Drill-(If everyone has gum shields)- In pairs, on knees,side by side, one person holding a
rugby ball(simulate going to ground, not putting hands out), tackler tennis ball in each hand to
practice wrapping in the tackle(if no tennis ball must be a clenched fist), with correct placement
rather then trying to grab with fingers
Progression of drill- In a grid, staying in pairs both players start on chest, with one player
having the ball in front of them, then on the whistle both players upto their feet, the carrier
picks ball up and tries to get passed the tackler. Tackler should stay on the toes ready for
change in direction and practice the wrap
If no gumshields- in pairs, practice hitting the stationary tackle bag, looking for a wrap with
clenched fists rather then trying to grab with fingers
Progression of this drill- for a coach to hold the bag at one end of the grid, then the tackler
starting on chest when whistle goes tackler gets up, tackling the bag., the coach should
choose a cone either side and walk diagonally towards it, making sure tacklers placement is

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