Rugby Drill Demonstration


This is a follow up drill from a progressional run catch pass session.

Once the key factors and processes have been taught and run though at gradually increasing pace in another session, it is time to put it into game situation.

Set up:

  • 2 Attacking channels, 1 wide and 1 narrow.
  • 1 Defender in each channel with a hit shield.
  • 2 attackers line up in middle of channels facing the coach.
  • Coach is lined up just in front of the middle of the channels.


Coach will signal, using only hand signals, which side to attack. The attackers will go around the cone and set their running lines. The defender will attempt to stop them from advancing.

The goal is to beat the defender.


1. Attackers beat defender cleanly by either using footwork or the pass.

2. Attackers take contact and offload to support to beat defender.

3. Attackers take contact and kill the ball.


  • Switch wide and narrow sides to work both off each hand.
  • Increase size of wide side and/or narrow short side more.
  • Have 2 defenders in each channel and increase to 3 attackers.

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