Rugby Drill Demonstration


After scrummage training, bring the group together to concentrate on their tackling technique and no better time for the group reviewing the key points to making a good tackle for safety and technique purposes..

Ask players to get in groups of two roughly same height and build. Send 6 players to a grid.

Talk to them about the key stages, then when prompted, they take it in turns with 1 v 1

1st Key points - Look at the core, Focus in to target the contact area, and follow the attacker. Not straight on, slightly on the inside of the defender as this will help you tackle

2nd Key points - Arms, Elbows and Hands

Hands Up very important . Using them to target the area, Elbows in giving the shoulder area a strong position to tackle with.Show examples of weak arms and the difference between them

GRID WORK - Players in their pairs take it in turn to run into the grid, attacker with ball in hand, defender Looking at core, hands up and gets a strong two handed touch as the attacker tries to pass.

After a few minutes, bring them back in.

3rd Key points - Short Steps "Dance". Planting our leading foot in the Attacker "Ring of Circle", Low stance

Demonstrate to the group about the importance of shortening your steps and planting your leading foot as close to the tackler as possible. Getting into a strong T.O.P position

GRID WORK - Break off again to work within same groups 1 v 1 practicing Key points. This time progressing for the defender looking to plant their leading foot in close to attacker. T.O.P position

4th Key points - Contact Shoulder , Punch Arms. Leg drive short steps, Demonstrate the importance of once contact is made why we punch arch arms and grip around "Ring of Steel".

"Controlled Agression"

GRID WORK - Now go onto tackling. To make sure defender has a low stance, get them to go down on their chest and rise up to make tackle. This will stop players going high.

Final Point, Get up quickly and try to get the ball. Make tackle and get up quickly.

A coach to look after one grid each. Focus on the key points every time we progress.

11:10 am Group Tackling refresh Step by Step Masterclass.Rugby Drills Coaching

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