Rugby Drill Demonstration


In this position there are much fewer options for the kicker:

Short left/right - Short options are removed straight away

Deep left/right - by having the front 3 tighter together there is a narrower window in which to put a long kick meaning less space back there to cover

Deep mid left/right - by mid player on the 10 this is a distracting and off putting position and will mostly be avoided by kickers, thus less chance of space in the mid being targetted allowing deep cover split wider on the more open zone.

Coaching points

By taking this closer narrow position the front 3 are effectively reducing the scope and options for the kicker freeing up the back 4 to focus their defense on a more concentrated area and less likely to concede possession

Should the kicker choose to go outside the front 3 the ball will no doubt end in touch, which is good as there is retained clean possession for receiving team. 

The only bad scenario is ball dead and return possession to kicking team. This proposal is designed to minimise that event

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