Rugby Drill Demonstration


Getting the players in the front row to fully understand the body position and the demands which will be required of them.

Coaching points

1. Set uo 3 different coloured cones in a line with 3m inbetween.

2. Have 3 players in one colour bib and and the other 3 in a different colour bib. 

3. Get the 6 players knealing down infront of each other in the correct position (tighthead, hooker, lose head.) on both teams. 

4. Go throught the sequence and explain what they do at each stage;




(Focus on technique)

4. Once players and yourself feel comfortable and confident, start from standing. 

5. Call a colour bib and they have to drive the players back. Then call the other colour to do same. 

6. once they feel comfortable and confident get them set and call go and both try and drive other the line. 

7. Then move onto calling a coloured cone and the players have to move sideways to that colour staying int the bound position and pushing eachother. 



- Slowly add in the other players whitch make up the scrum. 

- In addition add in fly half to practice put in and hookers to practice hooking.

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