Rugby Drill Demonstration


Getting players to understand the process of the maul and the role of each job. 

This set up mainly from a lineout.

Coaching points

1. Have a player on a tackle pad to start with. 

2. Make sure you have a group of 8 forwards. But also show your backs as well so they understand.

3. Stage 1 - Player who catches ball turns back so its towards defender and holds ball in both hands as far away from defender. 

4. Stage 2 - The next two players come in one takes ball and places it on hip in the middle and both latch onto player one. 

5. Stage 3 - Fourth player comes in and takes ball with both hands and sits in gap between 2nd and 3rd player. 

6. Stage 4 - Players 5 and 6 come in and latch onto players 2 and 3 as well as each other whilst player 4 (yellow) is backing out and latches onto players 5 and 6. 

7. Stage 5 - The final two players 7 and 8 come and latch onto players 5, 6 and player 4. 

8. Make sure you build it up stationairy to start with until the get the concept. 



- Gradually get them walking through it and slowly increase the speed. 

- Slowly add in defense and how to stop a maul.

- Once they have concept of the maul and driving forward bring it into a game set up with 3 people on tackle shields. 

- Then get it all involved where the backs make a play off the driving maul if it gets stopped. 


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