Breakdown of the tackle-jackal-assist role

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  • Small grid space 4 in attack, 5 in defence, 1 player referee.
  • 4 to move ball around, attack space on whistle
  • Defenders to nominate tackler, jackaller to decision make on whether the jackal is on. Third person to decision make on keeping jackaller on feet or contest ruck, or leave ruck.
  • Allow continuity and multiple phases of play.
  • Score zone. 1 point for successful steal, 3 points for counter attack over gain line, 5 points for counter attack over gain line in wide zone.
  • Return to the skill- in 3's over pads, lie on the floor and contest stealing ball on the floor and jackal assist. Points for being first to ball, points for keeping jackaller knees from touching the pad
  • Return and practice skill in conditioned game
  • Attack to be prompted to vary the commitment to the ruck. Randomized-isolated-wide spread in attack and then organised when change to defence if ball successfully stolen, late support-late ruck creation, early support-quick ruck creation. This is to manipulate the defence to make a decision, options available- support the jackaller (1.ensure he stays on his feet 2. blast and disrupt the ruck 3. sacrifice the turnover chance and set up defensive line
  • Player referee to rotate regularly, but to discuss perceptions of when ruck is formed, what did they see as a player refereeing
  • Ensure there are a variety of scoring zones with increasing points available for turnover, turnover with gain line, turnover with width and gain line
  • Jackal support (3rd person) to decision make on role required of them, explore what is the best technique to keep jackaller upright, how does it feel, why do it, when to do it. What is their next option.
  • Allow 4th and 5th player to read the game and decide what to do. Options available, ruck lost-get into defensive line, ruck contested successfully offer a wave of support, is this support narrow, wide etc.
  • Return to breakdown of skill, practice in 3/4's the role of assisting the jackal. Discuss what works best, where is the best area of the body to control. Discuss the role of the rules that apply, how to manipulate this and timing. Scoring points for skill practice
  • Return to the conditioned skill game and practice skill within the game



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